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Media Convergence & Visualization

Display and Interact with any media, in any window at any time...

"Understanding this prior to response, prior to entry, gives us a tactical advantage..."

"DHS - NSSE, Superbowl event"

Orator Plus is a fully-developed, multi-media presentation tool. Through interactive media convergence and visualization, users are empowered to better analyze, understand, and convey critical information in a variety of applications. For over a decade, Orator Plus has been widely deployed in a multitude of usage scenarios, including critical infrastructure protection, academic and corporate campus safety, dignitary protection, and emergency response. 

Our clients include The United States Secret Service, The Federal Bureau of Investigations, the Department of Homeland Security’s Infrastructure Protection Unit and Field Operations Branch, the Transportation Safety Administration’s Intermodal Transportation Collection Teams, the Central Intelligence Agency, The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, and many other agencies from both federal, state, and local levels.


Innovative and dynamic technology enables you to leverage your information for powerful and engaging exercises and response...
Integrated Viewers
Integrated viewers  for rich media

Integrated viewers for panoramic images, panoramic video etc. this ensures no need for specialized plug-ins or lack of support during important and critical situations.

Interactive & Touch Enabled
Interactive and touch enabled

All projects are interactive by default. This capability is extended to the integrated white-board feature allowing users to interactively plan, train and execute.

Multi View
Multiple disperate medias simultaneously

Launch any media in any window at any time. Situations change and we designed our tech to allow you to access anything at your disposal when you need it.

Secure & Portable
Integrated security in every project

All files have an integrated security feature that travels with the file ensuring control of IP and data content. Move and use the file without need of IT or installation knowing data is secure.

Demonstration Video

View an example of a school response plan. Interactive, easy to use and comprehensive.


Cost is primarily based on scope of the project. The pertinent factors include size, specialized requirements, sensor & media requirements and turn around time. Our teams will create the best possible product in the shortest amount of time. In some cases next day service is achievable.

Key differences from traditional technologies & methodology:
* Minimalistic, extremely easy to use interface
* No other analog that meets all capabilities
* Portable and secure. Zero installation - Zero footprint


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